13. 3. 2019 13.00 hour, ISTROPOLIS, 2nd Floor, Seminars Rooms


In cooparation with Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republik for Investments and Informatization /ODPMII/

and CSIRT.SK Unit.

 1. The Law on Information Technologies in Public Administration /ITPAAct/ - Security Aspects from Manager and Operator point of view

    lecturer: ODPMII

2. The ITPA Act: from the Regulation No. 55/2014 to the standards and regulations issued by the management body

    lecturer: ODPMII

3. Can we repulse the blackout?- Cyber security in energy management   lecturer: Sprecher Automation

4. How CSIRT,SK unit can help in fulfilling of obligations under the ITPA Act   lecturer: CSIRT.SK unit



The workshop part program:

- perspective of the attacer

- perspective of the victim

- how to defend  /typical vulnerabilities and potential of their elimination/

- social engineering and phishing test