On the occasion of the 21st international fair Security Bratislava, tme organizer  – Expo Design advertises in cooperation with the Steering Committee of the fair competition of the best product or equipment in the field of security in the Slovak republik, which will be honored with the prize – PRIX SECURITY BRATISLAVA 2019.

The prize will be awarded to domestic or international products, which with their technical constructional, funktional and overall designer construction represent a special progress and a general and social contribution in the field of security technology in the territory of Slovak republik.



1. Advertizer of the competition :

Expo Design the organizer of the International Fair Security Bratislava, in cooperation with the Steering Commitee of the fair.


2. Terms of the competition :

1st January,  7th March 2019 – sending of application forms, in compliance with the general conditions of participation.

7st March 2019 – deadline term for submitting applications and accompanying documetation

12th March 2019 – introduction of the competitive products to the Assessment Committee with the participation  ( the term will be specified )


3. Terms of the participation :

A. The prize PRIX SECURITY BRATISLAVA is an award which can be aquired by a domestic or international manufakturer, either directly or through his representative – for a product or equipment, which can be applied in any field of security within the Slovak Republik.

B. Any domestic or international subject may participate in the competition, after completiting the prescribed application form, paying the participation fee and submitting the basic technological documentation. By basic technological documentation, the following items are meant : user´s description of the equipment, basic description of functions, technological report, photodocumentation, catalogues, etc. In case of special systems, the submitter will decide on the extent of documentation.

C. Part of application must be a statement on the state of homologization of the equipment, with regard to the Slovak Republik, alternatively for international use, on the situation of industrial rights, copyright, using SN for domestic product. In case of own examination tests, the documentation on them is recommended as well.


4. Categorization of the competition :

C – Commercial   Category:  security equipment for wide public using

S – Special Category:  security products for special proffessional using


5. Evaluation of the competition :

A. The competition  will be evaluated by an  Committee, consisting on top specialists, representing the individual disciplines, both domestic and international. The list of committee members will be worked out by the Steering Committeeof the Security Bratislava fair.

B.  The Committee is awarding main prizes and honourable mentions in two basic categories.


6. Announcement of the results of the competition :

A. Publications of results and awarding of prizes will take place during Security Bratislava fair.

B. The advertizer of the competition shall ensure the publication of the results of the competition with mass media.


7. Final provisions :

A.   The advertizer of the competition is reseving his right not to award any of the prizes and honorable mentions, supposed corresponding recommendation  made by assesing committee.

B.  I tis not the duty of the advertizer of the competition to inform the participants on the reasons of not awarding prizes ( honourable mentions )  to individual items applied within the competition.


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